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Grace is a Dynamo!!!

My name is Nancy Cole. Grace has been my Personal trainer for 8 years. The company that I worked at hired her to work out the employees and that was the beginning of an amazing journey.

She is excellent at what she does. She is professional, innovative, inspirational, and fully committed to health and wellness.

I recently turned 66 and am now in the best shape and health than I have ever been . Grace has taught me what is possible. Her classes are amazing. You go in wanting to do better and she challenges you to do so. She not only makes you meet your goals, she pushes you to exceed them as well. I always started a fitness journey but I would never push myself the way that she does and quitting was so much easier. Her support and encouragement is infectious. I cannot imagine not having Grace as an integral part of my wellness routine and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is serious about improving themselves in this capacity.


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