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Her positive attitude is infectious and I look forward to each and every workout

"I have been training with Grace since approximately February of 2013. Prior to Grace I worked with two other trainers- none compared. Grace's ability to identify with me and my needs surpasses that of all the trainers I have met. Further, the fact that everything I do - she does make the workout feel like we are in it together.

Over the past year I have had several physical issues. When I first started with Grace I was returning from rotator cuff and bicep repair surgery. She took me through a regimen of shoulder workouts that were complementary to the work I was doing with my physical therapist and aided in my recovery.

I subsequently suffered a broken wrist and elbow and again, Grace knew the best way to keep my working towards my goals hile not utilizing the extremeties that needed to heal. I am now recovering from a major spinal surgery and again Grace has found a way to keep me active while not impeding my healing.

Through all of this my progress has been slow but I ahd manged to lose 25 pounds and more importantly I have lost inches and dropped 3 sizes. I feel great, hard to believe and Grace has been a huge part of that. Her positive attitude is infections and I look forward to each and every workout."

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