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Grace is helping me get my life back

"My LA Fitness trainer, Grace, is helping me get my life back. After a devastating car accident in 2011 that broke my neck and injured my spinal cord, I was left barely able to walk, without much strenght, muscle tone, balance, or flexibility, and afraid to drive.

I have been a member of LA Fitness since 2008 but hadn't been to the gym since the accident. One day in October 2013, I decided that I needed help so I went to talk to a trainer. At first, I'm not sure they knew what to do with me. The list of my limitations was daunting. But after a very thorough evaluation, I started training for just 30 minutes once a week with Grace.

Every week, she has a new challenge for me and I leave exhausted and sore, but having accomplished something I couldn't do the week before. She's always on the internet reseraching the best approach to address an issue, modifies excersises for my needs, and gives me print-outs of what she finds to reinforce her session.

Every month or so Grace says she wished they had videotaped me when I irst came in because she can see a huge improvement. I can't se it but I can feel it. My posture, walking, ease of movement, and stamina have all improved drastically. After 1 year, I felt good enough and strong enoug to ask if she could fit me in twice a week."

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